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Success is a journey of exploring self


About Me

I am an Independent Networker associated with Deccan Health Care Ltd. My working life passes as an employee in Government Sector both in defence and Indian Railway (Since 1979 to 2018). Work process as a loyal employee was too difficult. As a result my dream was vanished from my life I passed. After retirement, a golden opportunity came in my life which excited me to materialise my dreams. A true system which gives me success within a short time, that cannot achieved in last 40 working years. I feel true success comes with the success of the team, and the miracle is that at any age with any education a person can get success with a team only. While working with a group of successful person, I always feel win-win situation. I think entrepreneurship is learnable and achievable with an entrepreneur group only. My first success being appointed as a trainer in Deccan Training Academy (DTA) fulfils to be a mentor/trainer I had dreamed earlier.

Mr. Krushna Sahoo, Professional Networker
Deccan Healthcare Ltd.